About Me

My name's Dani. I live in Wisconsin and if you've seen this blog, it's obvious I have a great interest in preserving family history. : )
  My goal is to not only find my ancestors through out generations, but to also document as many memories, photos, facts and first hand accounts of these family members as possible. I have had many many long conversations with my grandma about my German and Swedish families, and have tried to put down as much as I can remember. At the time of our discussions, I was asking because I was truly interested in these details of who they were and the stories she had. I never thought at the time to write them down. But those conversations sort of lit a fire in my behind and got me wanting to know more, and turned into this consuming interest I now have in family history and genealogy.

   But I do have a life outside of my family tree. I swear, I do. : ) Some of it includes cooking, crocheting, Sewing/quilting, scrapbooking, gardening, fishing, do-it-yourselfing, reading and so on. and so on.

See! This is "other stuff"!

   In a nutshell, I'm a grateful child of God,  a wife and comrade to my husby Adam, and a stay at home/ homeschooling mama to our 3 (so far) beautiful crazy children.

    And, I stalk dead people.


  1. Loved your blog. I had to laugh outloud. We share an ancestor, Ida Smith and a serious addiction to genealogy among other things. Last vacation was happily spent searching for the grave of a revolutionary war soldier on a farm in rural Pennsylvania. After seeking permission, we had to walk though a cow pasture and climb under/over an electric fence. We found the gravestone but in the process I picked up a tick and ever after have started to seriously doubt my sanity in all this.

    What I want to do next is to plan a vacation at the neighboring homesteads in MI that my Dodge and Smith families "hewed from the primeval forest". The Dodge and Smith Lakes I believe now have some vacation homes built around them. Ida Smith and her sister Ellen Smith Dodge homesteaded next to each other thus the Dodge and Smith Lakes near Hiawatha Michigan.

  2. Anna, I did not know that about Ida and her sister! Lucky them to have eachother for what I imagine was quite an adventure. :) I don't have a lot on that Smith line, it stops with charles' parents. Drop me a line if you'd like to compare! My email is DLopez42@wi.rr.com

    btw, your own adventure on the farm sounds like something right up my alley. :D

  3. Dani, I was made aware of your BlogSpot from Wayne Wille. Your second great grandparents, Fritz and Sophia, are my great grand aunt and uncle. Fritz was the younger brother of my great grandfather, Karl Wilhelm Rudolph Wille. I have Family Group Sheets and other documentation from another relative who conducted her research alongside a professional genealogist 20+ years ago. Would love to compare notes.